and then there are words

they either make you or break you

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fic dumpsite of selfdemo
swirly bits
hi there! well, this is where all my new fics are dumped. monggi will be deleted when i finish transferring all my stoires here. you are free to read the fics but drafts are f-locked. you can join if you want to read them. if you do read a fic, please leave a comment. it's nice to read them. thanks and have a good day :D
generally, i love reading angst and writing angst. although, i write other genres as well sometimes, when-people-demand-sometimes. the stories here are almost safe. but if you have a weak heart that is fed mainly by fluff i'd think it's best to stay away. i'm cynical and my fics often relfect that. often. i write rainbow-colored fluff sometimes.

i'm no genius in writing. really. there's a huge gap between my brain and my mouth and my fingers that chunks of words and sentences and paragraphs are sometimes left out rendering the story utter nonsense. that or i'm just really careless and a big FAIL. although, i'd like to think i'm not crappy either. i'd say i'm an average. or not. whatever...