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27 May 2009 @ 11:29 pm
in retrospect - can't escape  
title: can't escape
author: selfdemo 
genre: angst
summary/excerpt: but the victory is momentary, you lose the battle eventually.
a/n: set a few months after the idol tour. a companion to in retrospect

Sometimes, at night, between dinner and reruns of Katy's favorite soap, you trudge yourself to the music room. That small room under the stairs where your guitar and your keyboard are tucked amongst records and albums you never get to listen anymore.

You idly play random notes and chords till they turn into something longer and more familiar. They're far from perfect, those snippets of music you play, but they're somewhat enough to take your mind away from everything.

And for a few seconds, while your fingers press on strings, while notes linger in the air, you succeed with forgetting and all, and then it's all calm and serene and nothing.

But the victory is momentary, you lose the battle eventually. Not that it's much of a battle to begin with. Her smile is already imprinted on the back of you eyes and the taste of his lips emblazoned on your tongue.
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